Hi, I am Kurien - a UX designer based in Singapore. I am currently freelancing while looking for a full-time role.

I am open to remote work as well. I am a Singapore PR.


Here are some samples of my work organized by process (not by project). So, the section on 'User Research' will only show the user research aspects from a couple of projects. 

user research

Here are some insights into how I do my research

usability testing

A sample demonstrating how I carry out my testing

interface design

Examples of UI designs done by me

I write retrospectives and case studies on all (interesting) projects on my medium page. Here are some of the most recent ones:

Latest project

Keeping patients with chronic diseases engaged & managing their support group operations - most satisfying project to date.

FUN project

Have you ever lost your marbles looking at a medical report?

I gave a shot at redesigning it keeping the patient at the centre. UX doesn't always need to be digital.

And right now?

Doing a 100 days of UI challenge. Reading "100 things every designer needs to know about people". Learning Bravo studio. Brushing up my español, русский and 中文


My degree is in Life Sciences. I used to be a Qualification Engineer in the Pharmaceutical industry with big ones like Pfizer, MSD, Alcon, Novartis, Roche etc. For 10 years. Mainly, I made test protocols to show that equipment/processes did what they were supposed to do and met FDA/EU guidelines. If they didn't comply, I came up with corrective and preventive actions. That's a lot of training being analytical and detail-oriented with complex systems. Working together with the Engineering, Production & Quality teams. And handling gigantic volumes of data.

But I wanted to find something where I could utilize my creative skills also to help solve human problems. When I had enough savings, I took the plunge, did a full-time course in UX design and now I'm climbing the ropes as fast as possible.

I grew up in India and Singapore and have worked in Malaysia, China and S.Korea. When I'm not UX-ing, I grapple with my jiu-jitsu family. Sometimes, I pretzel myself doing yoga. I sing every day. If inspired, I draw. I am also a language nerd and I like taking geometrically satisfying pictures

I tried to fit my life in 2 pages

Less creepy than checking my facebook

I sound wise here. I think.


Laura Blackhall, HelloSG

Thank you very much for your time Kurien, your work and your understanding of the system is excellent.

Brenda Tang,

Team mate

Every workplace needs that one mildly inappropriate, cheeky person. Ridiculously smart, creative, and designed for amazing things.


The Software Practice

Really appreciate the quick turnaround for all the changes requested.

Tezel Lim,

Team mate

Under the cheekiness, he is very smart and empathetic. He is meant to do unexpected things and blow people away with his talent.

If you like what you see and want to know more, I am only an eMail away.