food bank sg

Brief: Identify opportunities in an NGO and provide solutions by revamping their website with a responsive layout.

Duration: 2 weeks

Team: 3 members

My role: Moderated usability ​testing, Data Visualisations



Food Bank SG is a platform that bridges the gap between food surplus and food insecurity. They collect non-perishable food donations and distribute it to the needy via charities and community clubs. The users of the website are current food donors, beneficiaries, volunteers, people interested to become one of the above and just curious people. The strategy was to:

  • Make it easier for volunteers to sign-up and indicate their areas of interest

  • Include a volunteer portal. It is now easier for volunteers to see their events, get reports of past events,  and see upcoming events tailored to them.

  • Make it easier for donors to make donations

  • Improve the overall navigation, information organization, learnability and 'feel'.



We recruited 5 participants to observe them performing a typical volunteer-based task and a donor-based task while thinking aloud, using the current and redesigned websites. 3 were presented with the mobile interface and 2 with the desktop interface. They were asked to rate the websites from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) based on ease of use and enjoyability. The test tasks were:

  • Assuming you are an already-registered volunteer with Food Bank SG, could you try to see what’s on your schedule for today?

  • how you would go about making a personal food donation?


We asked them if there was anything they liked about using this site or if there was anything that could be improved. To remove any familiarity bias, the order of presentation of current and redesigned layouts was randomised.


A snippet of the rainbow spreadsheet to log our test observations:


  • Users are able to complete all tasks faster in the redesigned website.

  • Enjoyability rating is higher when using the redesigned website.



The enjoyability rating was higher for both mobile and desktop layouts, The time taken...try not to faint!

The entire case study is in my Medium page.